Membership Options:

  • Operational (No experience required!)
    • Junior (16-18)
      • Operational Status with Parental Consent
    • Senior (18-+)
      • Full Operational status, responding to emergency incidents on apparatus, taking part in all station activities after completing provided training as required.
  • Live-In Membership (18-+)
    • Members participating in our Live-In program must have the entry level firefighter certifications;
      • Firefighter I
      • Firefighter II
      • Hazmat Operations
      • EMR or Higher (must be obtained within first year)
    • Live-In members are also required to have at minimum; a part time job, or be enrolled as a full time student.
  • Administrative
    • Participate in company functions in a supportive roll.
      • Fundraising
      • Membership Support
      • Recruitment
      • Other Administrative Functions

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