Busy “Box” night for Crew #2

January 20th was quite a busy night for Crew 2 for the Leesburg Volunteer’s. From the moment they walked into the station, they were dispatched out for a call. For the next 10 hours, a combination of Fire Alarms, Inside Gas leaks and a total of 3 Structure fire calls were ran.

The last Structure fire was at 715 Children’s Center Road (Monroe Tech). Numerous callers advised flames shooting 30-40 feet in the air from the back of the school, extending into the school. Units from LVFC and Ashburn were in the middle of an inside gas leak call at Wegmans in Leesburg when the structure fire call was dispatched. Upon not finding anything at Wegmans, all units proceeded to the structure fire at Monroe tech. Rescue 620 was the first unit on the scene as they were still AIQ. R620 marked on the scene with smoke and small fire from the rear of the structure. Upon further investigation, six acetylene tanks were found compromised toward the back of the school. It was a long evening for all units on the scene doing roof work and securing the tanks in the back of the structure but ended up just being a big outside fire with some extension to the rear. The last unit, truck 620, cleared the scene around 5 AM. No injuries were reported just a significant amount of property damage.

To top off the morning, around 5AM, as units were clearing, a Hazmat was dispatched at Lansdowne Hospital, but did not involve units from LVFC. Long night, long morning, but that’s what we’re here for.

For all the structure fire calls, Volunteer units from Leesburg, Ashburn, Purcellville, Hamilton, Sterling and the surrounding areas all pitched in and worked well together. Many units from LCFR and Fairfax were also involved.

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