Storms cause Multiple Incidents in 1st Battalion

On the evening of May 2nd, Storms rolled thru the area that reeked havoc on the area. The men of Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company were staffed with 24 personnel between Fire Stations 1 & 20. The evening began with a box alarm being dispatched in the 06 box area. Truck & Rescue Company 20 took in the assignment. As the storms rolled thru, an additional box alarm was sounded in the 06 box. Engine Co. 20, as well as Engine & Truck Co. 1 turned out with 13 volunteers. Fire was reported from the eves of the roof of a single family home. Truck Co. 20 cleared the initial box alarm and responded on the 2nd box. Truck Co. 20 arrived to take 1st due Truck, followed by additional units from Ashburn and Sterling. Engine 20 arrived to take the 4th due assignment, as Truck Co. 1 arrived to take the 3rd Truck assignment. Fire was contained quickly by initial arriving units, and Truck Co. 1 / Engine Co. 20 cleared. While returning to Leesburg, a third box alarm was sounded in the 24 box. Engine Co. 1, Engine Co. 20, Truck Co. 1, & Rescue Co. 20 were due on the assignment. Units arrived to find no fire, and quickly returned to service. Units continued to answer regular as well as weather related emergencies all throughout the night and early morning.

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