Attention fellow firefighters and officers,

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Steven Raye.  I am a past chief of Colesville Fire Department, now Wantage Fire Department.  I have been a firefighter for more than 40 years and currently hold a NJ level 1 instructor’s certification.  In 1989 I held the office of president of the Sussex County Firemen’s Association.  I have worked at and co-owned Rayewood RV, a family business started in1960. I currently own Regins RV Service located in Wantage, NJ.  My Master RV Technician certification has been current since 1998.

I would like you to consider my training class. There is a need to protect our fellow firefighters from untaught dangers associated with Recreational Vehicles.  As you review my proposal you will see that daytime or evening classes can be arranged.

I know how hard it is to keep drills interesting year after year.  Please consider having me come to your firehouse or training center for a training session.   My RV could be driven into one of your bays in the winter time or rainy night, or outside in good weather. 

Some points of interest I would cover include 

  1. Fluids carried on board. Can you tell the difference between non-toxic antifreeze and transmission fluid?
  2. Construction for extrication. 
  3. Battery location.
  4. Automatic ignition sources.  Appliances will try to ignite any time, whether the unit is on its wheels or its side. 
  5. Fuels carried.
  6. Also hazardous materials used in appliances.

If you wish to have me do a drill, please contact me at 973-670-5478

Or e-mail me at  for details. 

Thanking you firematically

Steven Raye