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Road Dog Automotive Solutions

We Are A Professional Roadside Service Company Servicing Chester County And Surrounding Areas.

The Road Dog family is reinventing roadside assistance, by creating Automotive Solutions and disrupting the industry to bring better service to our customers.


Charging system analysis

The charging system in your vehicle consists of the battery and the alternator working together. Our state of the art computers are capable of testing the approximate health of your battery, and the efficiency at which your alternator is operating. The computers are also capable of checking various other electrical components as well. 

Lockout services

Using professional lockout tools we can access an incredibly wide array of vehicles ranging from old to current models

Fuel Delivery

If you’ve ever decided to put the “miles to empty” gauge to the test, we’ve got you covered. 

Professional Jumpstarting

Using a mobile battery pack we will jump start your vehicle, regardless of make or model. Our technicians are trained in the areas of proper jump-start techniques. Provided the issue is battery related, you’ll be on the go in minutes! 

Tire Changes

Our technicians are equipped to be able to remove and install the spare tire of any vehicle on the market 

Mobile Battery Installation

Given the fact that most car batteries struggle to make it past 3-4 years, we offer the much needed service of mobile battery delivery and installation. Newer vehicles are becoming much more advanced, but we are still equipped to Roadside replace numerous makes and models of vehicle batteries!

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