Minimum Training Requirements.

All approved applicants will be required to enroll in the next available EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) class at the Montgomery County Public Safety Training Academy. Please contact if you required more information.

Phone: ( 301 ) 929-8000
(For emergencies dial 911)


In 1894, the Montgomery County legislature enacted a bill that created a municipal corporation titled “Mayor and Council of Kensington.” The community had incorporated in order to deal with issues that had arisen as a result of rapid development. There were no paved roads, and the dirt roads frequently turned to mud.

There was no water system; water was acquired from wells, with a couple of small private water supply systems providing water to a few neighborhood attic tanks. There was no public sewer system, no electricity, and no fire department.

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Active Members

Active members participate directly in fire and rescue operations, including incident response and operation of apparatus and equipment. Men and women, ages 16 or older, that are in good physical condition and have the desire to participate in this capacity are eligible for active membership. Applicants under the age of 18 require parental consent. Once minimum training requirements have been met, an individual may continue to increase his/her level of participation by obtaining additional training through county and state programs. Members must serve one year of probation before receiving full “active” membership status.

Minimum Training Requirements

All approved applicants will be required to enroll in the next available EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) class at the Montgomery County Public Safety Training Academy. This is an entry level training program certified by the State of Maryland. It is 130 class hours and all volunteers in Montgomery County – including firefighters – are required to complete this class. Several classes are usually run simultaneously but on different schedules to accommodate students’ needs. In addition, you will need to complete a 40-hour orientation program taught in each station.

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Station 5 – Old Town

Kensington Station 5 is located at 10620 Connecticut Avenue, on the corner with Plyers Mill Road, in Old Town Kensington.

Station 18 – Glenmont

Kensington Station 18’s new quarters are under construction at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Mason Street.

Station 21 – The Village

Kensington Station 21 is located on the corner of Viers Mill and Gaynor Roads on the southern border of the Aspen Hill community.

Station 25 – Aspen Hill

Kensington Station 25 is located at Connecticut Avenue and Bel Pre Road in the heart of the Aspen Hill community.

Remembering Sergeant John Carter

On the early morning hours of October 24th, 1997, box alarm 872 was transmitted for the building on fire at 4th and Kennedy Streets, N.W. in Washington, D.C.’s Fourth Battalion. First arriving units reported a liquor store with smoke showing. Sergeant John M. Carter of the 1st Battalion was assigned to Engine Company 14 during this incident. While operating on this box alarm, Sergeant Carter unfortunately perished.

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